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Fresh VS Code extension, automatically generated everyday with yo code


Time spent0m 40s
Disk usage91 MB
pwuser@factory:/workspace$ bash -exc 'yes '\'''\'' | npx -p yo -p generator-code yo code fresh-extension -y > /dev/null && mv fresh-extension fresh-app' < /dev/null; echo 'Finished running generator.'
+ yes ''
+ npx -p yo -p generator-code yo code fresh-extension -y
npm WARN exec The following packages were not found and will be installed: generator-code@1.7.2, yo@4.3.1
npm WARN deprecated readdir-scoped-modules@1.1.0: This functionality has been moved to @npmcli/fs
npm WARN deprecated @npmcli/move-file@1.1.2: This functionality has been moved to @npmcli/fs
npm WARN deprecated @npmcli/move-file@2.0.1: This functionality has been moved to @npmcli/fs

     _-----_     ╭──────────────────────────╮
    |       |    │   Welcome to the Visual  │
    |--(o)--|    │   Studio Code Extension  │
   `---------´   │        generator!        │
    ( _´U`_ )    ╰──────────────────────────╯
    /___A___\   /
     |  ~  |     
 ´   `  |° ´ Y ` 

Writing in /workspace/fresh-extension...
   create fresh-extension/.vscode/extensions.json
   create fresh-extension/.vscode/launch.json
   create fresh-extension/.vscode/settings.json
   create fresh-extension/.vscode/tasks.json
   create fresh-extension/package.json
   create fresh-extension/tsconfig.json
   create fresh-extension/.vscodeignore
   create fresh-extension/
   create fresh-extension/.gitignore
   create fresh-extension/
   create fresh-extension/
   create fresh-extension/src/extension.ts
   create fresh-extension/src/test/runTest.ts
   create fresh-extension/src/test/suite/extension.test.ts
   create fresh-extension/src/test/suite/index.ts
   create fresh-extension/.eslintrc.json

Changes to package.json were detected.

Running npm install for you to install the required dependencies.

Your extension fresh-extension has been created!

error: unknown option `initial-branch=main'
usage: git init [-q | --quiet] [--bare] [--template=<template-directory>] [--shared[=<permissions>]] [<directory>]

    --template <template-directory>
                          directory from which templates will be used
    --bare                create a bare repository
                          specify that the git repository is to be shared amongst several users
    -q, --quiet           be quiet
    --separate-git-dir <gitdir>
                          separate git dir from working tree

To start editing with Visual Studio Code, use the following commands:

     code fresh-extension

Open inside the new extension for further instructions
on how to modify, test and publish your extension.

For more information, also visit and follow us @code.

npm notice 
npm notice New major version of npm available! 8.15.0 -> 9.2.0
npm notice Changelog:
npm notice Run npm install -g npm@9.2.0 to update!
npm notice 
+ mv fresh-extension fresh-app
Finished running generator.
pwuser@factory:/workspace$ exit